Who are we?

FundaFunda is a Zulu word pronounced “foondafoonda” which literally means ‘study study’. However, we realize most English speakers will pronounce it ‘fun-da fun-da’ with the emphasis on ‘fun’. The actual meaning, and the way the word sounds combine to give the intention of our website – we want to provide ways to make ‘study’ or education ‘fun’.

All the resources you will find listed here are handpicked and our own favorites. They have been used in classes we’ve taught or in our home – and they have all enriched whatever studies they were part of.

We are South Africans (hence the choice of the site name) who moved to the USA in 2003. Our children have attended public and private schools, and in recent years been homeschooled. We believe quality and enjoyable education is possible in places where learning occurs – and we hope these resources will aid you whether you are teaching at home, or at school.

Our blog will showcase products we have discovered as well as ideas that can be applied in homes or in classrooms. Please email us if you have anything to share with us or questions to ask.


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Many of the links on FundaFunda are affiliate links – that means we make a small percentage if you buy through us (no extra charge to you, of course!) But, we will never link to a resource simply because it can make us money, nor will we omit a resource because it won’t make us money. We cannot promise you that you will love every product as much as we have. People are different and enjoy different things. But hopefully our reviews will provide enough information that you will be able to make an informed choice.