Best Math App?

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DragonBox App

I believe I have found the best math app currently available! It is definitely the best Algebra app available and also one of the best educational apps I have discovered.

I am referring to DragonBox.

A friend told me a about it a few months ago, and my memory was jogged when I saw it mentioned recently and so I went ahead and bought the  Algebra 12+ version.

I got hooked almost immediately. At first it was easy. The point of the game is to get the DragonBox alone. You use ‘negative’ images to cancel out ‘positive’ ones. Then you learn to apply the distributive property to equations. And factor them. And to work with fractions. And to do all the other functions required in algebra. But it is all done as a game.

Initially you work with images. Slowly letters are introduced.

Dragon Box Screen

You pass a level by getting the box alone BUT you only get an extra star if you do it under the required number of moves. And you get another star if you have simplified the equation as far as you can go. I had to replay many levels to get all the stars! (And yes, I played the game the whole way through!)

DragonBox Hard

There are 10 chapters with 20 levels in each. And once those are done, you can then practice further with actual algebraic equations.

Although students – even elementary age students – will be able to learn how to win without adult help, they will need someone to explain to them exactly what is happening. The developers intend  the app to aid the teaching of algebra – not to replace the teaching.

Watch this video to understand the philosophy behind the game.

I think this is such an innovative idea! There are very few apps that I have found that I have been so excited about. DragonBox combines the element of fun with teaching a complex concept in a masterful way. It is worth every cent!

The original version (DragonBox Algebra 5+)  is intended for children as young as 4 and is an intro to algebra. For older children just go ahead and get  DragonBox Algebra 12+ as it incorporates the first version and then goes further.

Both Android and ioS versions are available.

If your kids have played it, let us hear what they thought about it.

5 / 5 stars     
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One comment

  1. Megan says:

    Love, love this game. There have so many times when teaching my 13 yr old dd Algebra that I’ll explain something and she doesn’t get it. Then I explain it in DB terms, and she totally gets it.

    Definitely need to sit with them and explain what is happening. My 10 yr old ds has played it a lot but I haven’t sat with him like I did with my 13 yr old. When I explained something in DB terms, he didn’t get the connection.

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