Election Challenge: Can your students correctly predict what will happen?

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Election Challenge Contest


An election year is a great time to get students involved in learning about government and politics. But as they can’t vote, you need to find creative ways to engage them in the whole election process.

This is why Election Challenge is such a great tool to use with students. It is an online contest created by Fanschool.org which gets students to predict how think each state will vote. It also requires them to estimate voter turnout.

Election Challenge is free for anyone to use and provides links to resources to help students make their predictions. It is extremely simple – students just go through 3 rounds and select which way they think each state will vote. In the first round, they are presented with “solid” states that everyone expects to vote a certain way. Then things get a bit trickier as they predict the states “leaning” to one side. And, in the final round, they are presented with the battleground states.

After making these predictions they finish up by making predictions about voter turnout and the margin of victory percentage.

They can change their minds until November 1 – but must submit their maps by then. The maps can easily be shared on social media which also provides a great talking point as students will naturally argue about whose predictions are┬ámore correct.

Here’s a video overview

You can view the prizes as well as lesson plans teachers can use here.

Election Challenge can be used with middle or high schoolers, in class, at home or at after school clubs. It is a really fun engaging way to get students to get involved in the election this year.


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