Escape Game Rooms: Who Thought Critical Thinking Could Be So Much Fun!

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I never imagined getting hooked on anything … but that was before my first Escape Game experience. In my defense, as I walked out of the first game with my two daughters, one of them turned to me and said: “When can we do the next one?”.

It turned out, we could do another one just over a week later, when my son was home from college. We felt we needed to let him in on the fun. And once he played, well, he felt he needed to play again – two days later.

So, all in all, I have played 4 different Escape Games in 4 different cities. 3 in Tennessee and 1 in Florence, Italy.

Each experience was similar – but also entirely unique.

So .. let me tell you what I can. It will become obvious why I can’t tell you much at all 🙂

The premise of all Escape Games is that you are locked in a room for 60 minutes and need to solve various puzzles in order to escape. The rooms we played allowed 6 – 8 to be in a room at a time but that can differ. You don’t want too few or it becomes very hard to get through everything.

It is not scary and there is always a way out so no need to feel claustrophobic. They do not require any physical skills. Just mental ones. If you like whodunnits and spy stuff – you will LOVE this!

Each room has a backstory. You learn this story as you start and then the clock starts ticking down …. you have NO idea how that gets the adrenalin going!! The games we played all allowed us 3 free clues. And we used all 3 clues in each game 🙂

Did we escape? The first time we did – even though our room only had a 27% success rate. It was 3 of us and 4 strangers at 8:30am and let’s just admit it – we were AWESOME!

Escape Game

But not so awesome on the next two occasions … though both times we were solving the final clue when the time ran out, so we were super super close to escaping!

We enjoyed each experience – even when we failed. And each time we talked for hours about it. And told everyone we saw how cool it was.

Trapped Escape Game

We have discovered that you can find Escape Rooms in most cities around the world. They are pretty new in the US but springing up fast. Different franchises have different names but if you google “escape rooms + {your city}”, you will find them. Check the ratings on Tripadvisor or Yelp. All the ones we did have 5 stars.

We did this when we were in Florence and loved the one we played there. We were thrilled to not only get out in time, but do in the best time in the past 3 months! This one was much more high-tech than the others with some cool gadgets we got to use – and we had to perform science experiments to solve clues.

Escape games are a really fun activity to do as a family. And what better way to get kids using their minds during the vacation? Kids from 10 years old should enjoy themselves and be able to contribute. It’s definitely great for teens and my 15 year old daughter has proved herself a very valuable asset each time.

It is not a cheap activity – one reason for that is every room is monitored while you are in it – the clues they give you are tailored specially for you! All the ones we did also provided occasional hints (they provide them on screens or via walkie talkie). Doing one would make a great birthday activity or special vacation treat.

If you become addicted, look into getting the Escape Room Card. It costs $20 and gives discounts to an entire group – not that many games work with the card so check before you buy! But I think it would pay for itself even if you just use it once!

Here are links to the four we have done:

Escape Game Nashville – we did The Heist

Trapped Escape Game – we did Capone

Which Way Out – we did Casino Heist

Adventure Rooms – we did the Original Challenge


** Update: You can now buy Escape Game challenges on Amazon – ones you can do from the comfort of your home. I bought this one for my nieces and nephews who have done a number of Escape rooms and they give it the thumbs up!



So what are you waiting for? Go find one you can do this summer – then come back and tell us in the comments what it was like!


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  1. Antonio says:

    Thank you for playing our adventure rooms in Florence. We hope to host you for our second adventure, the black queen.

  2. Lee says:

    I think my teens would love an adventure like this! Thanks for sharing.

    • We just did another one today – which was different again to all these 3. Today’s was an “Adventure Room” and it was more “high tech” than the others. We had 2 teens who both enjoyed it.

  3. Karen Ray says:

    Thank you for stopping by to play our game and for helping to educate others about escape games in general. We think they are a great form of family entertainment and wonderful way to bond with your kids. ~ Thank you! Karen
    Karen Ray recently posted..Now Hiring

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