Egypt for Kids Activity

Mystery of the Painted Pyramids


Students solve a variety of different puzzles which teach them about the modern day country of Egypt – and at the end they should be able to identify who the “culture culprit” is.

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Product Description

This mystery in the “Culture Mystery” series gets students exploring the history, culture and geography of Egypt in order to solve who has committed the crime. The activities are designed to teach kids about Egypt.

There are 6 challenges that students need to solve in order to track down the criminal. By the time they have made their way through a maze, put a timeline in sequence, made a jigsaw puzzle and solved other clues, they will not only have discovered the culprit, but also a good deal about the country of Egypt.

The product will be delivered as a PDF and can be used for multiple students. It does require the use of the internet.

Age range: Grades 4-8

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