South America Games: A Fun Way to Review

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South America Games

As we were nearing the end of our unit on South America, I decide to spend a class period with my high schoolers doing review – game show style! As you can guess, playing South America games was a whole lot more popular than doing South America pop quizzes.

Here is a video I created with the Storie App that shows clips of each activity.

Dancing (with the stars)

As part of an assignment while they were studying Brazil, I had posted a video for them to learn to Samba at home. Now they got to show off how good they were. I first let them practice with this video

and then I used the music I downloaded here while they competed. Three did it really well and three others weren’t bad – so all six won candy.

South America Jeopardy

South America Jeopardy







The students always love playing Jeopardy. I have a buzzer system as I coach our quiz bowl team so it makes it easy to do. The clip in the video was actually taken after the event as I forgot to do it while we were playing. There were 16 in the class and they paired up to play.

I used one I found online instead of making my own. The one I used was on Central and South America. I love how easy it is to keep score like this! Just hook up a laptop to a screen and it feels like you are on the set of Jeopardy!

South America Kahoot






If you have never used Kahoot with your students, you should. They love it as you could tell in the video. While Kahoot is not an actual game show – it could be! Students do all need a device – anything works. They log in to your game room. Multiple choice questions appear on the screen and the select the shape that corresponds with their answer.

Immediately the time is up they can see if they were correct and where they stand on the leaderboard. At the end they were begging to play again but time had run out.

I adapted a public Kahoot – Features of South America – by removing the questions we hadn’t covered. I could also have added some of my own but as I had 16 questions I didn’t feel I needed to.

This was such a success that I plan to have a “Game Show” type review at the end of each continent we study. I have a few more game show ideas in mind to mix up the format.

Do you have any game shows you have used for Geography Review? Please share in the comments!

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