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“Crazydash” your way around a city this summer!

Crazy Dash


Crazy Dash is a fun way to explore a city – and a perfect activity to do with students. Crazy Dash is a scavenger hunt game you access from your cell phone that has you running around and doing crazy things while learning about the city you are in.

The middle school students at the after school center I help in did one recently and loved it. I did it with a friend a few weeks later and we had fun too! So it works for all ages which makes it a good activity to do as a family in the summer vacation.

Playing Crazy Dash


So – how exactly does it work.

  1. See if Crazy Dash operates in the city you live in or are visiting.
  2. Buy a “game”. You can buy from their site, or check if Groupon or Living Social is offering it at a discount. When you buy you select the time you expect to start playing.
  3. When you are ready to play travel to the area in your city where the game will start and click the link you have been sent on your phone to launch the game.
  4. You will be sent clues to follow and instructions on fun things to do. And you will have questions to answer. Continue until you reach the end!

What makes Crazy Dash different from other scavenger hunt games like Stray Boots is the crazy things you have to do. This will make it very appealing to children (children under 12 play free with a playing adult). You may need to strike a funny pose next to a statue, or interact with passersby.

You could turn it into a race and have different groups competing against each other to see who finishes first, or you can just do it at your leisure. It will take between 1 and 2 hours – depending on the speed you move at :). You could also see who scores the most points as you are awarded points for each correct answer.

Crazy Dash Screenshot

Unlike Stray Boots, Crazy Dash does not provide a lot of extra information on the places you visit BUT it is still educational as you read information on plaques at various places you visit.

Doada S., a 7th grader in the program I work with, had this to say about his experience participating in Crazy Dash:

It was fun and exciting and I discovered new things I did not know.

If you have done a Crazy Dash, how did you enjoy it? Please leave a comment to tell us.

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