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Desperate Crossing: A Great Thanksgiving Movie

Mayflower Movie

Today my 12 year old, Amy, makes her debut as a guest blogger on FundaFunda. She recently watched a DVD on the Mayflower with family friends, and I asked her to review it here:

Desperate Crossing: The Untold Story of the Mayflower is about the Puritans who left England because their religion was illegal. It starts with them trying to sneak out of England, and ends with them at the first Thanksgiving.

The movie was filmed with characters acting the story out, and historians telling us more about the story. After each scene, historians told us some background information about what was going on. Scenes were short, usually a minute or two, sometimes more, while the historians sometimes talked for at least 5 minutes. Commentary was done either by the actors or the historians.

It was very historically accurate, especially with the historians telling us more about what was going on in that time period.

This is a good movie for middle school and high school, anyone younger than that will have a hard time sitting through it. I suggest 7th grade and up.

There wasn’t much information that they told us that I didn’t already know, due to having studied this time period a lot, but I did learn a couple new things. I didn’t know that they went to Holland before they went to the New World, and their first attempt to escape failed.

This movie would be a great Thanksgiving movie to watch in a classroom around Thanksgiving Day, but it is a long movie, 143 minutes. (By the way, Amazon’s run time is incorrect, it is not 180 minutes) But, you could break it up into sessions – 5 half hour sessions would mean you could watch it a school week, one session per day.

I think this was a very informative movie, and I learned quite a few new things about the pilgrims. It would be a fun movie to watch around the time of Thanksgiving with family and/or friends, like I did. It was definitely an excellent Thanksgiving movie that goes beyond the basics of the traditional Thanksgiving story.

** A study guide for this movie is also available from The History Channel.

Post written by Amy van der Merwe


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