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Thanksgiving Draw: A fun Thanksgiving Game

Thanksgiving drawing game


If you are looking for a fun game to play with your class, or with your family, I have created a “Pictionary” type game that may be what you are looking for.

The game is delivered as a pdf (so you can get it right away) and you print off the cards on to card stock. There are 24 cards and you just play until you run out of cards.

The game comes with 2 versions – one for a classroom where students will be divided into groups of 4 – 6 and one for a family set up where everyone is playing together.

Because the game is a pdf it is easy to print as many sets as you need.

Basically, players take turns drawing. Of course all the words are related to Thanksgiving. This game is suitable for elementary age and up. (Younger family members will enjoy getting involved in the guessing even if they can’t draw). Correctly guessed words score a point.

Of course, you don’t have to buy the one I created – you could also find a list of Thanksgiving words and make your own. But if you are pushed for time, and don’t want the hassle – this one only costs 99c.

I would love to see pictures if any of you get this and play it – post them on our Facebook page!

Online Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunts

Online thanksgiving scavenger hunts

Online Scavenger Hunts or Webquests are a great way for students to learn – by discovering the information themselves. They are far more likely to remember facts they have found – than they are to remember facts you told them.

I have searched online and found a number of Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunts and you are sure to find something here you can use for your class. You could also use this as a family.

Turn this into a fun assignment by offering a small prize to the winner – or the first few to finish.

6 Online Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunts



A 23 question Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt for upper elementary or middle school students. This one is very nicely laid out and it is obvious what link to use to find the information needed.


Another good one with about 20 questions. The website the students need to access is listed with the related questions below it. The questions are a mixture of historical ones and general ones related to Thanksgiving today.

A nicely done hunt for 4th graders. There are 11 questions (and a reward game at the end) with links to help students find the answers.

This one has 6 questions and would be good for middle school. It uses articles, audio and photos to provide the necessary information


This is just 5 questions and they are multiple choice. They could be used as a bellringer activity. Answers are provided.

11 questions that either have answers in an article on the page, or links are provided to find the answers. Suitable for upper elementary.

This is actually a number of webquests each focusing on a different aspect of Thanksgiving. They cover the history of Thanksgiving and traditions linked to the holiday. This is for older students – middle and up.

Thanks to mochajelly for the cute Thanksgiving Divider 

Thanksgiving Game Ideas

Thanksgiving Game Ideas

If you are looking for Thanksgiving Game Ideas for the classroom or to play with the extended family on Thanksgiving, I hope these games will be just what you are looking for. All are just versions of popular games – so you can be sure they will be fun and enjoyed by everyone

1. Thanksgiving Bingo

This is fun for all ages. You can choose to make them educational or just fun. You can download ready made ones – or put a bit more effort it and use a Bingo Creator to make your own. We did this a few years ago and the kids had a blast.

2. Thanksgiving Pictionary

Obviously kids need to be able to read to play this, but I think this is what I will use for our family gathering this year. I will make my own Pictionary cards but if you like crafts, you might want to copy this idea of using craft stick ‘feathers’ on a turkey to store the words that have to be drawn. If you need some help coming up with words to use, here is a great Thanksgiving Word List I found online. Divide your group up into 2 or more groups and let the group members take it in turns to be the drawer. You can either play as a big group with groups taking turns competing, or all groups can get the same set of cards and you give the groups a set amount of time to see how many words can be guessed.

Update: I created a downloadable Thanksgiving Draw game. You can find it here.

3. Thanksgiving Charades

You can use the word list above for this, or you can get the participants to contribute their own ideas. You can add Thanksgiving movie titles here as well if you are movie buffs (I confess I hadn’t heard of most of these).

4. Thanksgiving Pyramid Game Show

Do this similarly to the first rounds of the Pyramid Game show. Make cards with 6 words on a card (once again you can use the word list in number 2) . Players must team up and take it in turns to describe the words on the card (think Catchphrase) without using any part of the word. They score as many words as their partner guesses in 30 seconds. See which pair scores the highest.

5. Thanksgiving Jeopardy

This is perfect in a classroom – or with a competitive family! Again you can make your own, or just hook up your laptop to a TV and use this one.

6. Thanksgiving Hangman

Play the well known game with 2 twists – hang a turkey instead of a man and the words chosen must be related to Thanksgiving somehow. Here’s a video with more explanation if you need it.

7. Thanksgiving 20 Questions

Once again, just put a Thanksgiving twist to this classic game. You can take turns choosing the word to be guessed, or you can use the Thanksgiving word list linked to above and you pick all the words and let the players be in groups who compete to see who guesses first. Don’t know how to play 20 Questions? Click here for a great explanation.
Those are my ideas for some fun this Thanksgiving. Do you know any other games that would work with a large group? Leave a comment if you do.


Desperate Crossing: A Great Thanksgiving Movie

Mayflower Movie

Today my 12 year old, Amy, makes her debut as a guest blogger on FundaFunda. She recently watched a DVD on the Mayflower with family friends, and I asked her to review it here:

Desperate Crossing: The Untold Story of the Mayflower is about the Puritans who left England because their religion was illegal. It starts with them trying to sneak out of England, and ends with them at the first Thanksgiving.

The movie was filmed with characters acting the story out, and historians telling us more about the story. After each scene, historians told us some background information about what was going on. Scenes were short, usually a minute or two, sometimes more, while the historians sometimes talked for at least 5 minutes. Commentary was done either by the actors or the historians.

It was very historically accurate, especially with the historians telling us more about what was going on in that time period.

This is a good movie for middle school and high school, anyone younger than that will have a hard time sitting through it. I suggest 7th grade and up.

There wasn’t much information that they told us that I didn’t already know, due to having studied this time period a lot, but I did learn a couple new things. I didn’t know that they went to Holland before they went to the New World, and their first attempt to escape failed.

This movie would be a great Thanksgiving movie to watch in a classroom around Thanksgiving Day, but it is a long movie, 143 minutes. (By the way, Amazon’s run time is incorrect, it is not 180 minutes) But, you could break it up into sessions – 5 half hour sessions would mean you could watch it a school week, one session per day.

I think this was a very informative movie, and I learned quite a few new things about the pilgrims. It would be a fun movie to watch around the time of Thanksgiving with family and/or friends, like I did. It was definitely an excellent Thanksgiving movie that goes beyond the basics of the traditional Thanksgiving story.

** A study guide for this movie is also available from The History Channel.

Post written by Amy van der Merwe


Thanksgiving Worksheets for Kids

I must admit that I am not a huge fan of worksheets, BUT for a teacher who needs to keep a class occupied for a few minutes, or moms trying to keep kids entertained while they are fixing Thanksgiving dinner, printable Thanksgiving worksheets can be really useful.

Here are a few I found that are fun, and teach a variety of different skills. And of course, students will also learn something about Thanksgiving while they do them.

Thanksgiving Analogies – easy analogies using Thanksgiving terms

Thanksgiving Brainteasers – 4 fun brainteasers.  really like these. Scroll down the page to see all 4.

Thanksgiving Word Search – make this more fun by turning it into  a contest to see who can finish first.

Thanksgiving Crossword– this one focuses on the first Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Sudoku – a fun way to teach students critical thinking skills

Thanksgiving Word Scramble – nicely laid out worksheet with an extra phrase to solve at the end

Thanksgiving Cryptogram – another fun worksheet to teach thinking skills

Any other good ones you know of? Please leave links in the comments.

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